Data Tools & Services

Data Tools & Services

Here you can find information about additional tools for data analysis and data-related services available at Aalto University.

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Data Analysis Tools

Below you can find a list of and brief description of the data analysis tools available at Aalto, including the computer classrooms, data access workstations, and software applications.

For a detailed list of software available on workstations on campus, see Aalto IT Windows Classroom Software List (Aalto login required). Many of these applications are available for installation on a personal research workstation or laptop, read more about installation of software on Aalto Mac, Aalto Linux and Aalto Windows workstations.

Data-related services

Aalto Data Agents

Data Agents are researchers who work to improve data management in their department, school, or unit. They are a first, practical, hands-on resource to researchers in their department and organise a wide variety of training seminars.

Research Software Engineers

Aalto Research Software Engineers (RSEs) provide specialist support in research software development, data, and computing. We make more computationally and data-intensive projects possible for everyone.


The Learning Centre provides access to a large collection of electronic resources and printed materials in Aalto University fields of research. All the electronic and printed materials can be found in Aalto-Primo. When you login with Aalto University account, you can access licensed content also outside the campus.

Aalto University Archive collections and catalogues

The archive collections contain Aalto University's and its predecessors' document collections, numerous personal and private archives, student work and diploma work collections and extensive image archives.

Research Data Management (RDM) and Open Science

Good research data management enables open science. Aalto University provides services, instructions and support to help researchers manage their data well. These pages are a collection of instructions and services available at Aalto, with links to selected external instructions added on.

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