The Aalto University Data Hub makes research data easier to find and promotes the reuse of costly datasets. Whether you are a student searching for data to start writing your thesis or a senior researcher with a long-established research field, the Data Hub can be of use to you.

Our catalogue of data sources (data sets, databases, vendors, repositories, and other data providers) contains information about data resources, which are available for students and researchers, covering many research fields related to Aalto's six schools. You may very likely come across data which you were not aware even existed.

Additionally, our dedicated staff offers supporting data-related services - we are here to help you obtain access to and get started with new data.

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Data related research programs

Do you have a research idea that requires register data? Explore our catalogue of data related research programs and see if a program that might fit your idea already exists. Present your idea and perhaps you can collaborate!

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Data sources

Explore our data catalogue; search by topic, country and many other characteristics.

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About the Data Hub

Read more about the Data Hub project and its mission.

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Data Tools & Services

Data tools and additional services available at Aalto University.

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Frequently asked questions and contact information.


Latest news

Antti Valkonen pitching the Data Hub case at SolverX

AUDH at SolverX

Aalto University Datahub took part in reverse-pitching event SolverX held in Helsinki in April.


Upright providing a wider database for company net impact reports

Upright has widened their database of net impact reports of companies.


Amadeus access outdated - similar data now through Orbis

As some of you may have noticed, we no longer offer access to the Amadeus database. Instead of this, you can now use the Orbis database, which offers the same content with global coverage. You can find information about Orbis and how to access it below.


WRDS highlights

Repositories & Other General Data Sources

These repositories and data sources collect large amounts of data in one place, and allow researchers to archive, share and make their research outputs citable.