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Refinitiv Workspace

Company data:
  • Company news and information,
  • Financial statements,
  • Governance and Ownership,
  • Ratings and earnings forecasts
  • Country information,
  • Industry information,
  • Interest rates
ESG data:
  • Environmental,
  • Social,
  • Governance,
  • Sustainability
Keywords: financial statements, esg, ownership structure, credit ratings, macroeconomics, corporate governance, pricing
Accessible to: Aalto users
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1980s to present (depending on data category)






Refinitiv Workspace (formerly Eikon) is a financial analysis platform providing access to a wide range of real-time and historical information aiming to cover the full spectrum of corporate finance and financial markets. A core component of Workspace is "Refinitiv Company Fundamentals", which provides comprehensive financial statement data, covering 99% of global market cap, across 150 countries, with direct access to the source filing for verification purposes. In addition, Workspace has an extensive ESG database, covering over 80% of global market cap, across more than 450 different ESG metrics. Workspace also provides I/B/E/S analysis estimates of 22,000 companies in 90 countries. Information in Workspace can either be accessed through the Workspace desktop application or through the Workspace Excel Add-in.




The Workspace subscription is financed by the Department of Finance (Aalto University School of Business) and Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (Aalto University School of Science)

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Access to Refinitiv Workspace is managed by Nikolas Breitkopf, contact via [email protected].

See the Database Wiki for instructions on how to get access.

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