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Keywords: private company, financials, directors, M&A, ownership structure
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Orbis is Bureau van Dijk's flagship company database. It contains information on as many companies as possible, across all countries, and focuses on private companies. Orbis has information on around 300 million private and public companies from more than 200 countries and territories, among them, more than 99% are private companies. 

The data offering includes detailed company information, including

  • financials for up to 10 years
  • ownership structure
  • manager and director information
  • stock and earnings estimates
  • industry and business segment information
  • number of employees
  • financial ratios, and much more. 

Orbis also provides information on M&A deals. The material is licensed for the use of Aalto University staff and students, who can also use the material remotely. Customers, who are not members of the University, can use the materials on the computers at the Aalto University Learning Centre.


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The Orbis subscription is managed by Aalto University Library.

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