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  • Ratings and earnings forecasts
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Available via Azure Search with an API key provided by the author. Requires license to original data - contact [email protected].
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An earnings call is a teleconference between company executives and financial analysts. Typically one-hour call consist of two sessions: management presentation and Q&A by the analysts. Academically, an earnings call is a unique window to company communication incentives and investors' information needs. 

The original data source is Refinitiv Transcripts. The enhanced data source provided on Data Hub by the author contains company metadata (identificators, industry, country, etc.), detailed speaker details (session type, speaker information, speaker content), and advanced search capabilitities through Azure Search.


Jukka Sihvonen


Jukka Sihvonen

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Refinitiv Workspace

Refinitiv Workspace is a financial analysis platform providing access to a wide range of real-time and historical information aiming to cover the full spectrum of corporate finance and financial markets.

Company data:
  • Company news and information,
  • Financial statements,
  • Governance and Ownership,
  • Ratings and earnings forecasts
  • Country information,
  • Industry information,
  • Interest rates
ESG data:
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I/B/E/S Estimates (IBES)

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Compustat North America provides annual and quarterly fundamentals (accounting statement information) for public companies in the US and Canada. Additional Compustat data files include bank fundamentals, historical business segment data and executive compensation (Execucomp).

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